PC cleaner

PC cleaner free is program that is used to clean your hard disks from unwanted or outdated files. This should be done for several reasons: free hard disk space, user security, and faster system and its components. Modern PC cleaner best program must have all the features and tools to meet the above requirements.

System Cleaner

System Cleaner is PC clean master that is in general a set of tools for cleaning your computer from unnecessary and temporary files, incorrect links in the registry, history of opening documents, visiting Internet sites, Cookies, etc. Using System Cleaner will free up a significant amount of hard disk space from unnecessary files and folders fix registry errors and configure automatic load. System Cleaner also allows you to organize the search for unnecessary files of third-party programs, for which special masks are pre-installed. Search for broken shortcuts, search for empty folders, search for duplicates and search for broken links in the system registry.

System Cleaner has other useful features: uninstall programs (including hidden ones that are not displayed in the standard “install / uninstall programs” window); delete remaining after incorrect deletion of entries in the registry; complete removal of files from the hard disk, without the possibility of their subsequent recovery using special software; management of automatic load – editing the list of programs launched after the operating system is loaded, prohibition of automatic loading from selected registry keys, tracking selected keys; flexible settings; Profile support for creating any number of different configuration settings.

SBMAV Disk Cleaner as PC cleaner free best program

SBMAV Disk Cleaner is PC cleaner software which is created to distinguish substantial envelopes and the reasons why these organizers turned out to be such. The analyzer checks the chose plate or envelope, figures the measure of all subfolders and documents. At that point it shows the last outcome in two qualities: the size and the level of the complete size of the parent organizer. This enables you to rapidly dissect your PC, reach determinations and erase to lessen the space involved by a specific envelope, if essential. This utility is used as PC cleaner Windows 10.

Key highlights of this APC cleaner: enables you to discover and erase superfluous records and envelopes on the plates; enables you to effectively and rapidly evacuate the product; enables you to recognize copy documents and erase pointless; enables you to make, handicap/empower and erase things that are stacked with the working framework; examination of consumed circle space.


It’s one more PC cache cleaner. SpeedUpMyPC – program to configure your operating system. It can work almost automatically – independently determine the optimal computer settings and manage system resources, trying to ensure the best performance. A “manual” mode of operation is also possible, when the user determines what should be optimized (set up) and what is not.

This PC cleaner PRO utility enables you to free up memory and other framework assets, forestall lethal accidents, diminish download time and make increasingly effective correspondence with the Internet. The utility additionally enables you to screen the framework and makes suggestions to quicken the dispatch of projects, screen and deal with all PC assets with one basic mouse click. Framework settings, Internet utilization, circle mess, RAM and CPU, everything will be naturally checked, cleaned and upgraded SpeedUpMyPC for most extreme execution. It also functions as PC cleaner for Windows 10.