Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities – a comprehensive set of tools. Using the utility, you can clean up files from various debris, such as incorrect registry entries and temporary Internet files, analyze disk space usage and find duplicate files. Plus, the user has the opportunity to optimize the computer’s RAM, manage programs in automatic load, and uninstall software and much more.


Download from the official site, and install the program Glary Utilities. After standard installation, run it. You will see the main window. If the program interface was suddenly not in your language, open the Menu, in its upper right corner, and select the settings – language. In the drop-down list, select the interface language you need. Here, if you wish, you can create a portable version – a menu – a portable version. The portable version, by default, is created in a zip archive on the desktop. Having transferred and unpacked the archive, you can delete the installation and work with the portable version (the program is launched next to the Portable folder, the Integrator_Portable file). We now turn to the interface itself, and consider the main points of the program. The left side of Glary Utilities contains the following items: automatic maintenance, traces of confidentiality, deep cleaning and checking for updates. Items that are not checked by default do not work in the free version of the product. Here you have one of the differences from the paid version of the utility free.

Glary Utilities features

  • Increase the speed of loading the operating system;
  • Registry Optimization;
  • Delete unused data (garbage);
  • Setting up automatic run applications;
  • Deletion of residual data (which often remain after uninstalling programs);
  • Searches for spyware blocking;
  • Optimization of RAM;
  • Work with hard drives;
  • Fragmenting data reunion, encryption;
  • Create recovery points and roll back the system to the previous restore point.

Benefits of the program     

  • This program is able to effectively configure and optimize the OS;
  • The ability to completely rid the computer of “trash”;
  • Can provide extended access to programs and individual files;

Disadvantages of the program

  • Rare (but emerging) incidents of conflict with antivirus programs;
  • Scan speed is not the highest (decided by installing the Pro version).


Erasing traces deletes your personal data in the Windows system and in all popular browsers. File Shredder, erases the specified files / folders completely, without the possibility of their recovery. Please note that after erasing files, you must wipe free space. File recovery, file recovery module. The search can be performed on local disks or in certain folders, according to specified filters: by name, by size, by date and by file status (from very good to overwritten). File encryption allows you to encrypt files with a password and, if necessary, to decrypt them. Task Manager displays all running processes, with the possibility of their completion, blocking and the withdrawal of the security level of the process.

In Glary Utilities there is the ability to maintain system state without user intervention. There is also a function of optimizing RAM, in real time: it works in both editions – paid and free – of the product.