There are powerful concepts of thought that seduction experts use. We will tell you about them for a short time here in the article.

If you found this article because you want to lay women flat, I have to disappoint you first …

But stay here anyway because what you learn here is much more advanced than other things you can find on the topic of women flattening the web …

Darius and Estefano make you a long-term satisfied man, who ultimately gets every woman to bed and can enjoy her guilt-free sex …

Women lay flat for advanced

Darius: There is a big difference that most men in the dating context don’t realize. And that is the difference between systematic seduction and systemic seduction.

what they want to do, they want to lay down as many women as possible. And that’s not a bad thing, do it, it’s awesome.

Systematically, I mean tearing women up and running.

This is what most men, when they start dating, what they want to do, they want to lay down as many women as possible.

And that’s not a bad thing, do it, it’s awesome. But at some point you have to get to the point in my opinion that you start seducing systemically. Systemically, it goes back to system theory, constructivism – it will now go a little too far – but that means that you also pay a little attention to your environment.

If you are now only producing garbage all the time, then you should not be surprised that there is climate change. If you throw the garbage from your front door all the time, you shouldn’t be surprised if your house loses value because you have thrown a lot of garbage into it.

If you don’t pay attention all the time to how you act, what you do to women, if you leave nothing but broken hearts behind, you shouldn’t be surprised if at some point you become unhappy. That’s so.

It is said that a life full of meaningless sex makes your life meaningless.

And I used to do it – maybe it happened to you similarly, I know a lot of dating coaches and a lot of men who were very successful with women. Many women laid them flat – and at peak times I sometimes screwed three women in one day. And that’s cool, you should have it.

But if you take all of your self-worth out of it, you will eventually become unhappy.

Because you only have that, that external factor. That means you have to develop a little bit further – and that is difficult for many people in the dating scene – that you say ‘Okay, I also have to take a little more care of myself and of the woman. Because we all construct our worldview – we have already spoken of this in other places – if I think of myself as a cool guy, then other people will treat me that way.

The basic attitude that is included in many dating tips is that I have to do something specific so that the woman likes me.

And in the beginning it’s okay, because I’m not so happy with myself, I don’t have that much experience, and so on. But I really do things and get positive reference experiences.

But at some point I should get to the point where it is like that I don’t have to do anything more, but that I only have to be.

Because I am satisfied with myself, because I have become the type that is fundamentally interesting for women.

Now when I go to a disco, I don’t worry about how to speak to women, I just go and say, ‘How are you, I’m Darius?’. Finished.

Because I am satisfied with myself, because I have become the type that is fundamentally interesting for women and because of this I will lay her down…

And that’s the next stage – let’s say – of development.

And many dating tips just aim at the fact that you have to do something to withdraw a certain result from the woman or to lay women flat. We have spoken in many places that it is not about being reactive, but that it is just about being there and doing what you want to do anyway and getting to know women. Because that is much more interesting.

That’s like that, you know, you’re so capable of addressing women. You get the phone number, you have regular successes, you also get sex. And you find, okay, somehow you’re on a level now and you don’t know what to do.

Lay Women Flat – Advanced Tips

Now we need some advanced tips. I’m quite good, I have regular dates with women, but what’s the next step?

What’s the next thing And the next thing is that it becomes part of your personality. And there is a concept that helped me a lot.

Because it is about that you develop the right inner attitude.

In my opinion, most things in life are less about what I do than what attitude I do things with. We had the example before, if I give you 5 euros simply because I want to give you the 5 euros, it’s cool.

But if someone holds a gun to my head and forces me to give you 5 euros, I will give you my 5 euros, but because of the inner attitude, it will be a different activity.

And that’s why it’s very important what my attitude towards women is.

And one model that helped me blatantly is a model by Johnny, an American dating coach – and he said – I did an interview with him – he said, ‘Darius look.

We live in a time when we send very contradictory signals to women. When a woman grows up – we men usually don’t realize this – a lot of pressure is put on this woman. The parents say to her, ‘Look, find a reasonable man. Find a man who makes something out of life, with whom you can start a family, who can take care of you.

Then this woman comes, Maria. Maria comes home and says’ Mom, Dad, I have a new boyfriend. That is Peter. Peter is a car mechanic.

Then the parents say, ‘Ah, what do you want with the auto mechanic? Better take Christian, he works at the bank.

He’ll have a leadership position in the bank later.

Nothing unusual, I can imagine, happens to a lot of women. But what do the parents actually say?

The parents actually say look. You, as a woman – they don’t say that explicitly, of course, but that’s what they resonate implicitly – you, as a woman, are not able to take care of yourself, so you have to find a man who is for you can worry. In other words, find a man who can take care of you financially. At the same time, this means that the parents also say, look, look for a man who can take good care of you.

That is, do not sell yourself too cheaply, that is, it is actually a form of prostitution. So that means if a woman just has sex with a man because she wants to get laid because she is bored or whatever, she calls society – not us of course – society says that’s a bitch.

Why is she a bitch

Because she just has sex with the man for her own reasons without getting anything for it. But if we don’t just have a woman having sex with a man without getting anything for it, but get something for it, then it’s a prostitute because when a woman exchanges sex for something, whether it’s a promotion or money , or financial security, it’s a form of prostitution.

It was simply developed in our society. There are two types of prostitution.

There is this normal, normal prostitution who exchanges money for sex, for example, and they say, hey, I got the transport, he repaired my car, he invited me on vacation, or whatever.

And there are the high-status prostitutes and they are prostitutes who say hey my sexuality is so valuable, I can promise it economically to a single client. And if I have contractually agreed to this, then I no longer have to deliver, and that is marriage.

So now, exaggerated. In other words, women in our society, on the whole, unfavorably very often have the choice between having sex with a man because I feel like it, then I’m the bitch, or having sex with a man because I get something for it , and then I’m a prostitute. It’s just a shitty dynamic that women are in.

And this is something that as a man you have to understand first so that once you understand it, you can help women break out of this dynamic by creating a context, a space that is simply appreciative, that is respectful, where you tell the woman hey look if you wanna sleep me it’s cool

Then I still have just as much respect for you.

And if you don’t want to sleep with me, that’s the same, I still have just as much respect for you. And if you and my friends want to get laid 20 minutes after you get to know me, it’s cool too, because I still have just as much respect for you.

And that’s a point where you have to get there as a man.

But once you’ve done that, you often meet those women with whom that is possible. And we got to know women and laid them flat in Nuremberg, I still remember a flat-share party, we took the woman home from the club after 20 minutes and laid it flat.

Four or five of us fucked her. It was a wild-abstruse party and after that we still got on well with the girl. But that’s one thing where you have to get from your inner attitude. This is nothing that is relevant at the beginning …

Estefano: First of all, it’s not something you just say to a woman, you have to mean it, otherwise she realizes that you only say it to get something from her.

By the way, respect is a very big topic. Women really do everything with you. You don’t believe how quickly women can do anything with you. And no matter what dirty things you have on your mind about women laying flat.

I guarantee the dirtier it is, but it has to be worthless and you shouldn’t feel like it is cheap because it does, otherwise it won’t.

Darius: It’s too blatant. Don’t worry about it, remember this article, add it to your watchlist and read it again in half a year. Or anyway, wherever you say, okay, I can do the basics now.

Lay women flat – the magical formula

Estefano: The magic formula is value-free, meaning respectful, and dominant, sexually dominant.

If you have the two things, you can actually do anything with women.

Darius: Exactly. And it is incredibly crucial that you can develop at this point. And that is a point that is forgotten in many places. Because men – we humans in general – we have the first successes and when we are successful with something, we stop at this level because we have actually found a concept that works.

We have this one particular saying, we have this one particular disco, we have this one particular mesh that we can use to tear women open and we’ll do that. And then we get lazy.

They just laid women on the conveyor belt and they became dull.

I feel the same way. We stop evolving.

And that’s a mistake that makes it happen, or a problem that makes sure that many well-known dating coaches have also had potency problems, for example. But not only dating coaches, but also many men who just had potency problems, who had hot women in bed, but they simply didn’t have this emotional connection to women anymore.

They just laid women on the conveyor belt and they became dull.

If you do the same thing every day, if it’s the hottest date in the world, every day, then at some point it’s nothing special. You need this change. That’s why it’s important that you just say, okay, I’m at the point now, I’m pretty good with women, what’s the next point? What is the identity that I want at all?

Because of course it is cool to lay women flat because you have good techniques and strategies, but it is even cooler if you can lay women down because you are a cool guy.

And in my opinion, becoming this cool guy is the next goal. You start at the point of development where I am dissatisfied with women, I find techniques and strategies, I become more successful, and at some point I have to let go of these techniques and strategies so that it becomes part of my personality, so that I can use these techniques and strategies can adapt to me personally so that I can develop a personal style.

It doesn’t work in the beginning, it is relatively advanced, but it should be the end goal. So that you know where the trip can or should go. I just wanted to have it cut again.

Estefano: Yes. I think how you have to see it is that in principle you are looking for your dream woman or for a woman who really fits well and you can lay down a lot of women to find out what they are like what you are actually want to have, and at some point you will find one that fits so well that you are really happy with it and can be with it. And I think that’s what most men ideally experience.

Darius: That is optimal. And so that you can be together with your dream woman, you also have to be the right man to hold this dream woman.

Estefano: Exactly. You have to be her dream man and get her too …

Lay women flat 2.0 or whatever you want to call it

Darius: Exactly. And that’s important. And that’s the next level, I say, seduction 2.0 or whatever you want to call it.

You can read a lot about it there, but it is simply that you bring a little bit of this ethical and moral idea with you when you just feel better about it yourself. And when you feel better about yourself.

Back then, for example, I had affairs with girls who were in relationships and I can remember that this one girl came to me and said yes Darius, my partnership is not going so well and so on. And she wanted to fuck with me that evening.

So anyway, we’d banged every now and then, even though she was in a relationship, that wasn’t a problem for me.

But that day she told me that things weren’t going so well with her partner. Then I listened to that and then I told her, hey look, I know you came here to fuck with me, you made yourself pretty, and I don’t want that.

Now please go home and fuck your boyfriend and get your relationship under control. Before you use me here as a valve to actually just compensate for your non-ongoing relationship.

So I sent her home and she noticed that, of course, because I wasn’t just trying to lay her flat, but because I wanted to make sure that she was happy.

So theoretically, I can still call her today and say, hey, how about it? Let’s pimp. She would still say today, Darius, it’s not a problem.

Quite simply because I made sure that she was fine and I did not just think for my own benefit, but looked, okay, how is the woman doing with it? Of course, that’s not something you would do in the beginning, if you’re just kind of struggling to flatten a woman, you’re probably going to flatten her.

Estefano: You do that if you have the option and if you just care about it.

Darius: Exactly. And women notice that.

And I can also get a completely different quality from women because women who are really happy with themselves and women who are super-happy, who are self-confident, who are sovereign and so on, will notice that if you do it yourself not yet, then you can get a certain range of women.

It’s just like when I’m a businessman now, I have a certain range with people I can do business with. I can do business with, do with, do with, but Donald Trump probably won’t even listen to my offer. And whoever, I don’t know, such a blatant businessman.

Businessman from Amazon because the range is just too big. And that’s how it is with women too. That means I have to continuously develop myself personally and mature as a person so that I can then get the women I might want.