Your knees are trembling, your head is completely empty and you can’t get a word out? Then you feel the same way as many other men.

The secret of why men, especially if they want to address beautiful women, will shake their knees today …

You know the situation …

A beautiful, hot woman comes right up to you …

It would exactly match your ideas …

But no word comes out of you – your head is swept empty and before you know it it is too late and the woman is gone …

Do not worry – there are step-by-step exercises with which you can adapt to such situations and in the future you will no longer have trouble with these beautiful women …

Address beautiful women

Sergej: Tip number 15. This is a tip for all men who are afraid to speak to women, especially attractive women.

Because I hear from many, so if the woman looks so average, or so-so, or just goes with a little beer, then I have no reservations about going there, but I’m kind of motivated.

But with women who break my mind completely, I can’t get a single word out of myself.

Beauty is a power tool, it is a genetic power tool.

This is very interesting, but when this beauty dissolves the reaction in you that creates a kind of inner blockage. That you want to go, but you can’t. You are stuck.

Then it is annoying, somehow you have to avoid it.

You get around this barrier by slowly getting used to chatting with beautiful women. That means, in the next few weeks, do the following experiment.

This is not an experiment, it is an exercise. Address every woman, every beautiful woman who comes to meet you. Radical, every time.

Address beautiful women – an experiment for you

What you do is this. You go to her, ask her about the time, or the way to somewhere, say thank you and go.

No more is needed, you don’t have to get her number, you don’t have to lay the woman down on the spot like a pro, but your only mission is to exchange a few words with her and move on. Thank you kindly and go on.

You will notice if you do this for a few weeks, or maybe a few months, or just every now and then if you notice that it looks awesome!

You go there, ask her about something, thank you, that’s 15 seconds of communication and you’re gone. Then it will not be a big deal for you to address beautiful women, you will be much more relaxed, and you will realize at some point you are just talking to such a woman and you have her number and you think, fuck, how did you I did that? ‘.

Estefano: A very interesting story. I recently had a coaching session with a man who was with me and said, ‘Estefano, I really learned so much from you, I really do get a lot of women, but I have a problem and my problem is the women I do wars are not beautiful enough.

These are not the women I really want to have. They are women, but they are not the caliber, the class of women I would like to see. ‘

And I talk to him for a while and try to find out what’s going on, because the guy is self-confident, actually gets everything from the response to sex and all that.

And then we figure that when he speaks to women, he deliberately speaks to the women he thinks he can get, not the women he actually wants because it’s kind of a hidden fear of response and that’s why he leaves in the beginning immediately to the women he just looked average for him and therefore had never been able to get.

And that was totally blatant in his head to realize the whole thing, that it actually starts at the beginning and therefore the secret to getting really beautiful women is also to speak to really beautiful women, among others, and not to avoid them, because you can never get a more beautiful woman than the one you already speak to.

I mean, it sounds totally logical, but when you think about it, it’s totally important to do the whole thing.

That’s why I’m a big fan of such exercises, where you get used to the fact that you can address beautiful women.

And our nervous system is built in such a way that we try to avoid negative impulses and strive for something familiar, something that is ours.

Sergej: And our nervous system is built in such a way that we try to avoid negative impulses and try to get used to something, something that is ours.

This means that if you have got used to talking to women so-so and avoiding beautiful women like the devil, then you program your nervous system so that you always have to make compromises and the women you really like are unreachable. Therefore, speak to every woman, address every beautiful woman you like, the more beautiful she is, the better.

Just for exercise purposes.

First, after that you can ask her for her phone number, but then you will notice for yourself, at some point the conversation will simply take place on her own. That means she will respond totally positively to it and you will go away from the start, you will ask her one more question after that and another, and then you will ask her for the number, and then for the name …

Estefano: And suddenly everything runs by itself …

Sergej: Exactly, and the more you do that, because then you will be used to talking to beautiful women, then your nervous system will think, beautiful woman, beautiful, something good is waiting for me there.