Cleaner desktop

Cleaner for desktop is a necessary and useful thing. The program for cleaning the laptop is needed when the standard utility for cleaning the disk does not fully cope with the task. A manual cleaning is not only effective, but also for a long time. The program for cleaning the laptop is the most effective way to optimize the computer. The utility speeds up the system, cleans from obsolete and temporary files, searches for and fixes problems in the registry. In addition to the main task, such a program is an alternative to the “Programs and Features” section. With the help of this item “Control Panels” it is very convenient to delete, change and restore the programs installed on the laptop.

Optimization of system with Windows 7 desktop cleaner

When you start the program usually opens the section “Cleaning”. Items can be marked or deselected as desired. The items “System” and “Others” on the “Windows” tab should be treated with caution, because adding settings can destroy the necessary files. After analyzing the selected settings, the laptop cleaning program will show a list of files that can be deleted and the amount of memory being freed. After that, you can add or remove marks on the left side of the window and proceed with the cleaning.

Work with the registry in desktop cleaner for Windows 10

The Registry section in desktop cleaner app is responsible for troubleshooting the registry and fixing them. After analysis, you can begin to fix the registry. When you click “Fix” the user is prompted to save the current state of the registry. This is useful to restore the contents, if during operation the program for cleaning the laptop fails.

Internal cleaning notebook

But the laptop and computer also need to clean their components from the inside, that is, in physical cleaning. A large amount of dust collects in a personal computer a year later, even in a clean room, and laptops that work in more aggressive conditions cannot be said at all – they work like a vacuum cleaner. Dust is one of the biggest problems for a laptop owner. It is hammered into the radiator slots of the cooling system, it settles on the boards and coolers. Dust is a good heat insulator, and therefore its accumulation leads to overheating of the laptop elements and their subsequent failure. When pet dander is added to the dust, the process of contamination of the cooling system is accelerated at least 2 times. Often the wool is wound on the fan spindle and the fan is blocked, which leads to inevitable overheating and subsequent replacement of the cooling system or, at best, the fan.

Desktop ultrasonic cleaner

Ultrasonic cleaners, sometimes mistakenly called supersonic cleaners, have a working frequency of 20-40 kHz, and are used to clean jewelry, lenses and other optical elements, watches, dental, surgical and industrial instruments, as well as regulators for diving and industrial parts. The ultrasonic cleaner works due to the energy released during the collapse of millions of microscopic cavitation bubbles near the contaminated surface. When the cavitation bubbles collapse, a shock wave is generated. Ultrasonic cleaners are used in cases where microscopic particles of contamination cannot be removed by other means. Remember that ultrasonic cleaners are not used to clean contaminated objects, but to remove microscopic dirt particles that cannot be removed by other means. First, the object should be cleaned, and only after that it will be possible to use an ultrasonic cleaner.

Desktop air cleaner

It is believed that a can of compressed air can be useful desktop dust cleaner or for other electronic equipment. The high-pressure cleaner allows cleaning hard-to-reach places from printers, a computer keyboard, copying machines, fax machines from dust and dirt. The powerful pressure of the jet ensures quick and efficient use.

Vacuum cleaner for desktop computer

A small mini keyboard vacuum cleaner works from the USB port without installing special drivers. For convenience, you can use two nozzles at once – a brush or a slit nozzle. Such a set is enough to get all the dust and crumbs in hard to reach places and so much more convenient than disassembling the keyboard on the keys (with a laptop to make it much more difficult). Clean the case itself should be more careful – of course, a USB vacuum cleaner does not have such power as usual. But it is better to be careful to avoid breakdowns.