CCleaner is a free program for optimizing your computer. It combines a system cleaner that removes all unnecessary and temporary files, and a full-featured registry cleaner. CCleaner allows Windows to work faster and more efficiently, and frees up valuable hard disk space. At the same time, it is small in size, speed and absolute free of charge.


  1. Removing items from autoload. A large number of automatically starting programs is the most common cause of slow computer operation. You can disable all unnecessary and speed up the loading and operation of the operating system in the section “Service” → “Startup” → “Windows”.
  2. Setting the context menu. Many programs consider it their duty to place their own items in the context menu of files and folders. As a result, it becomes too bulky and inconvenient. You can bring these Windows elements to their original appearance at the address “Service” → “Startup” → “Context Menu”.
  3. Search for duplicate files. When the operating system and some programs are running, completely identical files can be created that only take up disk space. Users also often breed duplicate files and folders. The CCleaner program will help to cope with this problem by comparing duplicates not only by name, but also by size, creation date, and even content. You can start the search for duplicates at the address “Service” → “Search for duplicates”.
  4. Cleaning free disk space. If you want to get rid of deleted files, then you need to erase free disk space. The necessary tool is in CCleaner in the section “Service” → “Erasing Disks”.
  5. Analysis of disk fullness. Free disk space always ends unexpectedly. It is completely incomprehensible where it disappears. A special utility in the composition of CCleaner will help lift the veil of secrecy over this supernatural process. It is located in the section “Service” → “Disk Analysis”.

Features of CCleaner

  • When you open the archive with the program, you will see 2 versions of CCleaner – one designed for Windows 64 bit, the other for a 32 bit system;
  • When you first start the interface will be in English. Just go to the settings and select the desired localization.


  • CCleaner can be useful if you often need to clean other people’s computers from unnecessary files;
  • There are versions under OS of different digit capacity;
  • There are no limitations in functionality, this is the official, released by the developer, version.


  • Completely manual process of updating the program, which comes down to downloading the archive from the new version from the official site (well, by the way, notifications about it come to the interface).


From the very beginning CCleaner was developed as a safe and reliable program. It has several powerful levels of verification in order to be sure that no important information or document will be deleted. They also guarantee that CCleaner does not have spyware or adware.


For super-user users, they also provide the function of irretrievable erasing of files with several overwriting cycles, which does not allow them to be restored in any way.