There are many things you should definitely do on your first date. But none of the things are as important as the things I’ll tell you below.

Declare it as your only mission to internalize these 6 things and I will guarantee that she will want to meet you again.

1. Make preparations for future dates

Most men don’t. But it is absolutely important and effective once you use the technique correctly. If you talk to her during the date, you have to mention the things you can do together when you meet again, i.e. you are preparing for further dates.

For example, you could say …

You: “You seem adventurous to me …”

You: “What do you mean?”

You: “That you like to be outdoors and like sports … things like that …”

She: “Yes, I think that’s true. I love sport.”

You: “Sometimes I ride a bike … we should go cycling in Central Park, it’s really fun.”

She: “Cool, yes … sounds good”.

By planting ideas for future dates in her head, she imagines seeing you again. You can use this technique for everything, dancing, bowling, cinema … just for everything.

2. Build a nice atmosphere

By building a nice atmosphere, she will trust you and that will result in her having sex with you. So it is important to be relaxed and confident right from the start, to make a lot of eye contact and to give her the feeling that you are a cool guy who feels comfortable in his skin.

Once this framework is in place, you should talk about things that naturally relax her.

Things like her past, her private life, things she likes to do, her family etc. Don’t be afraid to ask questions that others would not ask. THINK DARAN… always avoid interview-style questions.

3. Avoid idiot tests

The hotter the woman is, the more often she will take you for an idiot test. All women will put you through an idiot test, it’s like an interview for them. They have been on so many dates that they have developed a natural selection process in their brain that sorts out the bad guys.

If she puts you through an idiot test, never respond emotionally, answer the question or statement directly and in general, and stop acting like a sissy.

You have to bypass the question or statement with a witty comment and then quickly change the subject so that you give your brain a new task.

4. Break the connection (increase attention)

During a conversation, you have to do something VERY important. Here 99% of all men fail. It is about breaking a connection and this is extremely important for the first date. It differentiates you from all other men and it removes you from the friendship zone.

If you continue to connect with her WITHOUT breaking it … you will not show your sexual side and she will not perceive you on a sexual level.

Women want to be challenged by strong, confident men and they want to know that you want to have sex with them. So say, for example, phrases like “Um … sorry, I was just dreaming … I just couldn’t stop thinking about your legs … anyway, keep going.”

She’ll think “Oh, he thinks I’m great” and that will change the way you interact.

5. Touches

Touching is important, if not more important, than breaking the connection to make things sexual. If you don’t use touch, she’ll think that you don’t find her sexually attractive and that you are a potential “friend”. Not more.

Use gentle touches during your conversation. Touch her legs, stomach, arms, shoulders, ears etc.

Use natural excuses. For example, say “Wow, I think your earrings are great …” (while you touch her ear). You should use simple but consistent touches of this type.

You can read HERE how you can use touch to build up sexual tension.

6. Take the lead (from one place to the next)

Men should take the lead and women WANT men to take the lead.

Forget what feminists say: women are born to follow a healthy, strong, and confident man, so stick to it.

If you had a drink at location A, take them to location B, for example by saying something like “Ok, let’s go around the corner to this cool shop, they make great cocktails”.

Then take her hand and lead her to location B. She will find a man who is certain to be great.